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🎉 New SQL Query Builder

Our new SQL Query Builder is ready to roll. Now you can create custom metrics directly from your data warehouse in a familiar SQL - like editor. Just write the query, preview the results, and you're good to go!

This opens up two very big possibilities:

  1. You can create metrics on the go. Combine different metrics to create new custom metrics as per your requirements. You no longer need to rely solely on metrics present inside your data warehouse.

  2. The new SQL Query Builder also allows you to collaborate with your team members. You can save, copy and share queries with your team members to collaborate better

Once you define the query and preview the results, you can just select which fields correspond to:

  • timestamp field

  • measures

  • dimensions

and your metrics are ready to be monitored. As simple as that.


Example - Let's say you're an e-commerce firm and you have an orders table in your data warehouse where you store all the confirmed orders. Now, let's say you want to monitor the total number of orders that you receive on a daily basis and you want to break it down by product category and geography. All you'd need to do is write this simple query in Query Editor and that's it.

  COUNT(*) as orders, category, geography order_date::date 
  FROM orders 
  GROUP BY category, geography, order_date::date

This will create a data stream for monitoring your orders. Further, you can share this query with your team members or can save it for future use. It will save you time & effort.

Keep an eye for a future "dbt" update on SQL query builder. This update will let you import your dbt queries into Cliff.ai. No need for rewriting queries and creating dashboards for monitoring your metrics.

🐞 Other Improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed the problem of "error alert" that popped up every time on the alert details page.

  • New users are now redirected to the getting-started page.

  • Fixed an issue where decimal values were not displayed properly in the metrics chart.

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