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🛠 Broken Connection Check

Now, whenever a connection to a source created by you gets broken for any reason, Cliff.ai will automatically pause all the streams related to that connection and mark the connection status as broken. Later on, if you want you can update the connection and resume all the streams that were affected.

For example, let's say you connected a database with username and passwords as credentials to Cliff and now due to some reason, you changed your database password. This will result in an broken connection on the connection list for this particular integration. Now instead of generating false alerts for streams with no data flow, cliff will pause all the streams related to the broken connection. With an update option, you can update the connection as soon as you find the broken connection or at a later time. It's up to you.

🐞Other changes and bug fixes

  • Channels now show anomalies from the last data point extracted to the past 14 days as previously it was just past 14 days.

  • Improved alert graphs with formatted values and legends.

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