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🚀Omnisearch - one search to rule them all!

Omnisearch allows you to quickly search anything across Cliff.ai such as streams, source, channel, connection, alert rule, etc, and to perform some navigation tasks real quick.

Omnisearch consists of various user-friendly features such as -

  • You can search across various entities like sources, people, alerts, etc in a simple Google-like search interface

  • You can search for something very specific, for example searching a particular source or stream, by applying a filter so that only the specific entity results are displayed

  • You can take associated & relevant actions while using the Omnisearch feature. Like while searching for a Google Analytics source, you can create a new connection from there without going back to follow steps to create a new connection. Similarly, different actions for different entities can be taken.

Also, when you open Omnisearch, you will get a list of recently searched items or entities so that you can quickly repeat any action that you've taken in the past.

With this update, using the Cliff.ai platform just got way easier! Try it out and let us know your feedback below.

🛠 New Graphite Integration

Graphite is an enterprise-ready monitoring tool. It has the ability to run on commodity hardware on any cloud infrastructure. Various teams use it for tracking the performance of microservices, websites, applications, etc.

Graphite monitors metrics like RAM usage, CPU usage, number of dropped requests, number of active users, etc. With Graphite it easier than ever to store, retrieve, share, and visualize time-series data from these metrics.

With this new integrations , users now can track any anomalous events happening in these metrics.

Other Improvements and bug fixes

  • The Alerts graphs now keep up with the no data alert by showing dashed lines and also have improved UI for both slack and email alerts.

  • Graphite streams can now be created with multiple measures.

  • Selecting custom date range in the metrics page caused an error (FIXED)

  • Fixed alignments for the stream table when a lot of measure dimensions are present in the stream

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