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πŸŽ‰ New Community Outlier Is Here

What if your metrics are behaving normally with respect to their historical values in the past, but are very different when compared to peers?

For example, let's say you're tracking your revenue numbers for different countries and you have one country that is significantly outperforming/ underperforming than other countries? It's easy to miss such insights when you're just looking at the historical numbers at a country level. The problem gets even more complex when you have 1000s of segments in your metrics and finding such insights is like finding a needle in a haystack!

This is exactly what you can achieve using our new Community Outlier feature. With this feature, users will be notified when something is different and has a large deviation from the normal behaviour of similar specific metrics.

You can now simply select the measures & dimensions of the metrics in our outlier module to examine the outlier behaviour for a number of similar metrics.

🐰 Segment integration now works with all specs

Now you can expand your segment analytics with all the specs provided by segment.
Now create segment stream with: -

  • Track

  • Identify

  • Screen

  • Page

  • Group

🐰 More information about metrics

This new update will enable you to get a detailed view of the stream in the stream details page to understand the different properties of a stream and its aggregation frequency at glance.

🐞Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • We have reduced the aggregation frequency from 1-hour minimum to 15 minutes. So now you can monitor your metrics even more precisely.

  • Billing charts now show you the usage from the last billing date rather than from the start of the month.

  • While creating a stream on Google Analytics, the measures & dimensions dropdown sometimes had no values. We fixed that.

  • The issue of metrics page search bar autocomplete not working on inputs with whitespace is fixed.

  • Metrics page search bar loader now works without any problem while typing.

  • Now REST API streams also have the advanced settings feature where you can set the padding values for the data before stream creation.

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