Weekly Release Notes
6 October 2021

🎉 New PostHog Integration

PostHog is an open-source product analytics software that keeps you in control of your customer data. It helps you get a peek into your potential customer's behaviour towards your product.

Though PostHog is a great tool when it comes to visibility into customer behaviour, sometimes unexpected things happen which it doesn't take into its account. For example - there is a page on your product's website that gets maximum clicks on the daily basis and PostHog gives you a detailed analysis of those clicks. But all of a sudden number of clicks drops and you are unaware. When you get to know about it after a while it already created nuisance for your customers.

Now such a thing can create a bad experience for your customers if gets stretched over a longer period of time. This is where cliff comes into play!

This new integration of cliff.ai & PostHog helps you monitor metrics like clicks, signups, form submissions, and many more. With this update, you will be able to control everything related to customer interaction that could go south while your eyes are somewhere else!

Now with cliff, stay on top of everything that is happening with your customer interaction data to make sure everything is working the way its suppose to on your product.