Weekly Release Notes
21 September 2021

🎉 New Twilio Integration

Today Twilio is being used by 1000s of companies to enhance the human experience by creating better custom communications solutions. Twilio helps developers develop state-of-the-art digital communication solutions for almost all the digital channels like text, SMS, email, call, etc.

Though Twilio is meant for improving the human experience, sometimes unexpected changes reverse this whole objective. Instead of a better experience, users get the opposite because something got messed up and you didn't know about it soon enough.

Cliff to the rescue!

This integration with Twilio will help you track the unexpected changes that might act as a blocker to a better experience and let you know as soon as they occur. Now whenever there is an unexpected change in metrics like number of SMS sent, number of calls, etc. cliff will notify you of the abnormal change that caused this and will help you resolve the issue by providing a proper "root cause analysis".

Now stay in control of what is happening within your customer communication solutions and improve the overall experience!