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🎉 Cliff.ai <> DBT Integration

One of the most common feedback that we got from the early beta users is the need to "reuse" their existing definitions of metrics and dimensions that are defined in their DBT.

Well now, doing that got much easier! With the new DBT integration, you don't need to write separate queries in Cliff for creating streams. Integrate your DBT Cloud account with Cliff and you can re-use the already stored queries in your git repositories in Cliff for creating streams.

With this update you get -

  • Quick stream creation with queries stored in your DBT git repository. Support is currently offered for git repositories hosted on GitLab. GitHub and Bitbucket support coming soon.

  • Create metrics in Cliff.ai as per your desired schedule or use the schedule information from your DBT jobs.

With this new update, you can now import queries straight from your DBT git repository into Cliff to create streams and start monitoring right away.

🐞Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added a button to the "Stream schedule" tab in the stream details page which allows the users to re-run the data collection process.

  • Fixed an issue with the content of the stream delete confirmation modal.

  • Fixed an issue where incorrect stream count was shown on the data streams page.

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